Rafting and Other Adventures

Rafting is the extreme sport that is loved by people due to its extreme nature and the dangers it involve.  The rigorous and violent river splashes cold water on your face, while you can struggle to stay on inflatable raft; only thoughts of these delivers chill in spine. People are always in search of “something” which can provide them the adrenaline rush that they can take pleasure of. Temple Tiger takes delight to introduce you with our Rafting and other adventure packages that we are sure of delivering an adventurous punch to you!!!

Packages in Rafting and Other Adventures


1 Day Trishuli River Rafting

By hearing the word ‘Rafting’, we tend to sense adventure and thrill. But trying out the actual action can unfold a more exciting chapter

1 Day
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2 Day Trishuli River Rafting

There are indeed many activities that can deliver excitement and fun. But none of the activities possesses the ability to ignite the fire and surge ad

2 Days
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Kali Gandaki Rafting

The Kali Gandaki is named after the goddess Kali and is considered a particularly holy river. It is one of the famous Himalayan Rivers that raises in

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3 Days Trishuli River Rafting

The river has engraved some truly impressive ravine in its lower part as it cuts its way through the 2000 meter high Mahavarat Range. These ravines al

3 Days
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