About Us

Throughout 25 eminent years, Temple Tiger Group of Companies has demonstrated oneself as a vanguard in providing the Tourism and Hospitality services today based in Nepal with our thousands of well-pleased clientele worldwide. Emerged from the humble prelude, the company has since then never turned back, pushing forward to be one of the foremost promoters of ‘Responsible Tourism’ and leading consortium in Hospitality and Tourism.

Since commencement to till date, the obligation to Responsible and Sustainable Tourism has been a prime attribute of the company, serving as the very core of entirety. We do conjoin rigidly to our policies and practices that pervade all aspects of our business. Subsequently, this assures our entire efforts are received wholeheartedly in such a way i.e. socially, culturally and environmentally cogent.

We consider truthful that our holidays should contribute to the welfare of native communities and simultaneously protect the environment by minimizing pollution, conserving heritage, respecting native traditions and religions. Therefore, we are tactful about our services and its overall influence.

We are heartfelt about conserving the very locale that sustains our establishment. Actually, we tread lightly – low volume, low impact holidays as we know it is the best way to safeguard the alluring but fragile places we visit. Consequently, our conservation endeavor was recognized in 2001 when we were commended at the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow awards. Our resort has also been awarded the ‘Best Green Resort’ by the Pacific Asia Travel Writers’ Association.

We are one of the principal companies that present all traveling sizes, styles and ambitions from the comfort-lover traveler to those who desire simple but elegant travel. We do have our own transport fleet of deluxe coaches, cars and every single element of any trip from the air and overland ticketing to the minutest needs as required. For best hospitality and services we have our experienced representatives carefully chosen to suit your need during your trip who are fluent in English and our guides are fluent in German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and many more

Temple Tiger Group of Companies extends you a complete package that includes total handling on all aspects of your need and necessities. Our professionals will oversee all your travel needs and manage the entire disposition and allow you relish a peaceful and unforgettable holiday.


Temple Tiger Group of Companies arises with a goal to contribute a stand for cultural awareness and sustainable tourism in the Himalayas via the promotion of responsible tourism. At The Temple Tiger Group of Companies, we have confidence in rendering and conserving the enchantment of our culture in our gestures and in our generosity. Our visitors are not just ‘another tourist’ for us. We treat each tourist as our guests and strive to win their friendship which accounts for that little difference.
We offer our holidaymakers a blend that comprises of our expertise and progressive thinking that is impossible to find elsewhere. We have worked hard to bring our company to the cutting edge of the industry and our services are among the most professional, service-oriented and efficient found in Nepal today. We are renowned for extending our guests with a level of personal service and attention to detail that is unrivaled. We give credence to pledge our guests with memories that will last a lifetime; our way of making this world better as we decipher the value of people and the value of their experience.