Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Tourism

At Green Jungle Resort, we are committed to promoting sustainable tourism. We follow stringent measures to ensure that there is as minimum an impact as possible on the environment . We strive to reduce our carbon foot-print by using sustainable and renewable energy resources, minimize on unnecessary energy consumption and practice effective waste management.

All our villas use solar-panels for heating water and we have up to date water filtration system in place. All our vehicles have met the emission control standards set by the Government and we strive to use alternative transport i.e. Elephant, Row-boats and Oxen-pulled cart whenever possible.


Community Initiatives

We consider the local community to be an integral part of what we do and encourage local involvement at every possible level. More than 80% of our staff comes from the neighboring villages and we regularly use the services of local craftsmen and manpower. Our dance troupe comes from the adjoining Bag-khor village where we have been sponsoring the Teachers salary at the local Primary School.

We have also made considerable donations to the local health-post including a refrigerator for medication storage. We consider our neighbors to be an integral part of our operation and are committed to the continued development of the local community.