Guest at Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort

Posted on 07th-Sep-2018


Temple Tiger Green Jungle Resort

For over 25 years Temple Tiger has been at the forefront in providing gold standard services in the area of Jungle Safari experience at Chitwan National Park, Nepal. Formerly located within the Chitwan National Park, we have brought together our knowledge and expertise in bringing to you our latest venture- Green Jungle Resort.Green Jungle Resort located in the Buffer Zone area of Amaltari Ghat, Nawalparasi combines the best of jungle wilderness yet within close proximity to Tharu and Bote villages. The market town of Kawasoti is a mere 20 minute drive and the nearest airport at Bharatpur is an hours’ drive away.




Jeep Safari




 Wlidlife presentation

Heart of the Jungle: theWildlife of Chitwan, Nepal.

 Top 10 Species

Indian Rhinoceros (Greater One-horned)
Hog Deer
Red Muntjac
Wild Boar
Rhesus Macaque
Tarai Grey Langur
Tiger (Bengal / Indian)
Gaur / Indian Bison

 Tharu Cultural Show 


The Tharu Culture Program  plays a significant role to entertain the tourist visiting Chitwan and to introduce the Tharu Culture and tradition to the tourists. Majority of the tourist arriving at Chitwan have experience the Tharu culture program.

Spectators get full entertainment by the Tharu dances. Dances like Danda Nach (Stick Dance) and Ago Nach (Fire Dance) Mayur Nach (Peacock Dance) are some the popular highlights of the culture show. 





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