Dolpa Region

The most celebrated trekking destination that lies in the western part of Nepal, behind the Dhaulagiri Mountains is the Dolpa, also known as Dolpo region. Lately, what little the outside world knew of Dolpa was gathered from the accounts of early travellers. These high-rise enchanting valleys were not open until 1989 A.D. The concealed treasures of the region are its distinct culture, tradition & lifestyle. It also renders outlook of the graceful and heavenly beauty of nature like Shey Phoksundo Lake and the unbounded topography. The west of this region is bordered by the Jumla district and to the east and south by Dhaulagiri and Churen Himal ranges.

Situated in the rain shadow area of the Himalayas; at comparative altitudes, the terrain mirrors that of the Tibetan Plateau instead of the watered hills, lush, and green found elsewhere in Nepal. In such arid terrain, the sight of Nepal’s deepest lake, Phoksundo, is so magical and divine that compels the one watching, to be stunned for some moments. The legend around here describes bizarre Phoksundo was created when a vengeful demonness flooded a village for revealing her whereabouts to the saint Padmasambhava. The lake harbours no aquatic life and appears to oscillate between a greenish blue and ultramarine tint that tends to justify the legend. The region furnishes the right set of circumstances to observe the native people and experience their lifestyle in very authentic form, almost untouched and unexplored. The region also flaunts the ancient unique Monastery like Shey Gumba (The Crystal Monastery) that represents an important pilgrimage for the many Tibetans and outlying villages, rich wildlife, and wonderful lakes.

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Dolpo Trek

Dolpo is the largest district of Nepal that covers around 5.36% of the total land mass of the Nepal. The district shares its borders with Tibet on Nor

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