Kanchenjunga Region

The mighty Kanchenjunga is the second highest peak in Nepal and third highest peak in the world, splendidly standing at an astonishing elevation of 8,586m above the sea level. Located in the remote north-eastern corner of Nepal, there are astonishing eleven peaks that rise above 7,000m at the very spot where Mt Kanchenjunga stands high. The region is unheeded and being the only one of its kind regarding that it has collaborated with the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China and Sikkim of India to make a tri-national peace park, traversing the three nations. Functioning as a kernel for plant biodiversity globally; experts have identified nearly twenty-three distinctive species of Rhododendrons flourishing in the region.  

Also, renowned by other exotic titles like the White wave, the twins, Janu himal, Wedge peak, and Pyramid peak; astounding Kanchenjunga converts the imagination of every travel enthusiast into reality, which they can see, touch and feel. The trekking trail in this alluring region bestows a delightful escapade comprising a window of opportunity to explore through terraced foothills of the faraway ethnic groups of Rai and Limbu. In addition, the region is home to a well-conserved forest of Rhododendron, Spruce, and Birch oak that harbours diverse wildlife including endangered and rare species. Besides the picturesque landscapes and thriving bio-diversity, this travel venture renders trekkers with a detailed insight into vintage culture and tradition of native communities. Though access to the route was granted to the travellers and trekkers in 1988 A.d. and people related with mountaineering expedition have trekked in the area since the beginning of the century, the region is still restricted to organized expedition group only. Acquisition of special permit is necessary in order to explore this unheeded but prepossessing terrain.