One of the most fascinating places in the world; India is the country that extends a mind-boggling blend of wonderful cultures, religions and traditions to the travel enthusiast, which imprints a deep-rooted memory. From ultra modern cities like Mumbai to most rural villages within its boundaries that harbours one-sixth of the planet’s population; India is simply immense, diverse and beyond everything full of delight. This country possesses the ability to aspire and excite any individual with its wide-range of picturesque landscape extending from the snow-capped Himalayas to tropical plant life of Kerala; from deserts of Thar to the sacred Ganges in Varanasi. Mountains, jungles, deserts, perennial rivers and beaches, name it and India has everything in its inventory to present you bliss and joy.

Influenced by various religious and spiritual motif; India flaunts diverse cultures and an array of classic traditions alongside awe-inspiring heritages. Being the site of one of the earliest human civilization, the Indus Valley civilization; India is a forerunner in literature and poetry with the prowess to express through a vast collection of native languages in its arsenal.

For those seeking the spiritual essence of this large country, India has many mystical sites harbouring ethereal philosophies inspired by a single or combination of religions. Moreover, a walk down an Indian street will render you to observe the hidden gems of historical significance - the relics of former ruling empires bristling in each and every corner. India is unambiguously an outlandish land of colours, flavours and ethnic customs!!

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Ladakh Cultural Trek is the key to traverse the Ladakh region in the Indian Himalaya. This particular trek allows trekkers to get acquainted with the

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